Following an approach from an existing Client who was considering outsourcing volume components to China, Gloster decided that, instead of attempting to compete on price alone, they would support the Client in a different way. This decision led to the establishment of a number of valuable win-win relationships.

To support the Client, Gloster searched for suitable engineering and component distributors - ones that understood the quality and delivery requirements necessary to support the Market. They eventually found one with comparable machining standards and Quality systems. Gloster thus established an importing relationship with their chosen Taiwan-based Supplier, then re-approached the Client with the following proposal:

1. Gloster would purchase the Clients components from its Taiwanese partner and pass on the cost savings generated through this new source.

2.Gloster would guarantee the quality, delivery, and price of the components, provided the Client ordered within the lead time specified by the Supplier.

3. In the event of quality concerns, late deliveries or any other unscheduled delays, Gloster would keep the Supply line secure by manufacturing components themselves, covering any potential supply shortfall.

4. In the case of any unscheduled or urgent demand requirements, Gloster would again keep the Supply Line intact by producing the required stock in-house.

The Client accepted and has since been content in its supply arrangements.

The Client accepted and has since been content in its supply arrangements. This indent process has since been expanded to include other Clients across the Waikato and other regions of New Zealand. Click on Contact Us now for a chat about your requirements.