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firebrand poker and blower

FireBrand Fire Poker
The remarkably aesthetic Firebrand fire poker is the best possible gift for someone who has everything. Gloster Engineering was approached by Queenstown-based designer homewares company Cruikshank, to create a high-end custom fire poker for gifting.

The Firebrand poker appears as one continuous unit, but is in-fact a 2 part screw-together set. A hollow centre was engineered to facilitate a blow-through function, allowing users to the fan the flames of their fireplace safely and effectively, from a distance. View the FireBrand Fire Poker at - contact Gloster Engineering today with your machining requirements.

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Glass Roller
The glass roller is the result of a need identified by our clients in the glazing industry. Used for quickly applying rubber seals during the installation of windows, the glass roller at once dispenses and emplaces coiled rubber, reducing installation times and improving productivity. Gloster Engineerings glass roller is produced and sold in large numbers to customers across Australasia.

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Window Smash Device
Gloster Engineerings Window Smash Device is a safety feature present in both public and commercial vehicles throughout New Zealands roads, water ways and skies. The window smash device was created to allow distressed occupants of a troubled vehicle to quickly and safely shatter windows; providing an improvised emergency exit.

Equipped with a thoroughly-researched contact surface, which reliably causes shattering and not just cracking; the window smash device serves a very important role in a large number of passenger vehicles. Each individual device is very proudly supplied and guaranteed by Gloster Engineering.